Google Search Takes Inspiration From Grammarly - It Can Now Correct Search Sentences

With Google’s new feature we can now check for some grammar mistakes. This new feature helps us to verify if the sentence is grammatically correct or not. You do not need to request the check, as it is more of an auto feature than a requested one.

Google’s main focus here was to identify whether what you searched has been written properly or not. Was there a need for this? We’re not so sure. Google always figures out in the end what we’re trying to search so the feature does seem a little unnecessary for the average internet user.

Now how will Google let you know if your statement doesn’t have any grammar issues? If your query does not contain any grammatical mistakes, Google will likely display the title “Grammar Check” followed by a green checkmark, as spotted by Rahul Savasariya. This will indicate that the typed sentence is “OK” grammar-wise .

If we specifically want our sentence to be checked, we can add “check grammar” or “correct grammar” before or after the sentence has been typed. This feature not only verifies if the grammar is correct but also provides alternatives for any errors which also includes spelling errors.

How can Google be so perfect with its grammar checks? In reality, it is not so perfect. Since Google makes this feature work with AI systems, mistakes are inevitable hence it is not 100% accurate. Another feature of this new system is that it helps with the analysis of the search text.

Last, but not least, it helps check grammar mistakes. This is a major issue since not everyone’s native language is English but Google is subjected to Global queries hence it deals with all kinds of spelling mistakes. While we still do not believe this feature was entirely necessary, it is an update and will help users search better.

We look forward to more features like this that focus on the little details and problems that users usually come across when using the search engine.

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