Google Showcases New User-Friendly Way To Switch From Connected Devices To Play Desirable Audio

Google is uncovering some major plans for 2023 that it feels can assist users in terms of an uninterrupted way to hear things during the CES 2023. Now, it hopes to launch a new technique by which users can alter between one connected device to play desirable audio and it’s certainly more user-friendly.

The news was mentioned in a recent press release by the search engine giant which highlighted how closely it’s working with other leading apps such as Spotify to enable users to manage and switch back and forth on the Connect devices found on the media player for Android. This is without having any access to apps that control different devices.

The tech giant also mentioned how it’s working to make users more aware of audio content seen on Spotify through the likes of notifications while playing them across various devices such as phones, televisions, radios in cars, and more. The idea is to rid all forms of disturbances and interruptions and provide a smooth transfer of audio from one specific device to one more.

Google revealed how it’s collaborating with partners like YouTube Music and even Spotify to give users the ability to make sure they can play audio on suitable devices. This enhanced three-layered form of technology picks out the best device for users by which they can connect audio by staring at the proximity of devices. The context through which a certain device is used was also highlighted by the tech giant.

In regard to the actual layers involved in this new feature, Google mentioned how the first one highlights which devices are located physically at a nearby distance. More and more wireless technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy and UWB would be used to attain promising results.

On the other hand, the second layer is all about discovering devices nearby and making people aware of which device they might want to utilize depending on their current activity. Last but not least, the final layer is able to adjust and understand various actions depending on how a user interacts with certain devices, thanks to cross-device intelligence.

Similarly, we saw Google mention how it was now adding features like the latest NearbyShare and even the First Pair. It just makes it so much simpler to link multiple devices in one go.

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