New Warning Issued Against Google Ads Invites That Are Being Abused To Deliver Spam

Security researchers are ringing alarm bells against Google Ads invites as they’re being abused to deliver spam and links to malicious websites.

The targets include those who aren’t necessarily using platforms for Google Advertising.

For those who may not be aware, the Google advertising platform is designed to enable advertisers to make great campaigns on the partner websites owned by certain publishers and seen in Google Search.

This recently published campaign entails a series of threat actors that make use of the admin interface from Google Ads. They end up sending email invites in bulk and they arise from the likes of Google while bypassing filters designed to catch spam.

This is why researchers want users to know that what may appear as an authentic and harmless invite is seemingly much more than just that. So many users are sending out reports about getting emails from traditional Google Ad accounts that catch users’ attention.

These are certainly bogus invite emails and are sent out from the likes of Google’s servers that entice users to visit the links present in emails. The email is even sent out through very authentic Google addresses as revealed by several Redditors.

He says that just a few weeks back, his boss provided him with access to attain the firm’s account belonging to Google Ads. So he is very familiar with the email. He says it’s legit and was sent out by tech giant Google. He even adds how it would provide him with access to attain the ads account belonging to the scammer.

But so many others are now talking about how they got similar emails and have been left so frustrated. They have no choice but to trash the emails while bashing Google for not having enough control over such products. The thought of being on alert most of the time is not possible and with phishing scams on the rise, it’s just not fun and games anymore when you’re at threat most of the time.

These invitations may end up using links that guide users to web pages promoting adult content. It just continues to add so many users for the account admin interface through such email invitations.

And now, smart threat actors are finding ways to misuse such features for different activities. Moreover, URLs present in such invitations redirect users to such sites that market explicit dating sites. So many of them end up designing an interface that grabs a hold of personal details from the likes of visitors.

If you think the solution is to report such content, well, that’s not the case. In case you do that, you could do yourself more harm by blocking out mail that is actually being sent out by search engine giant Google.

To make sure such an issue is better understood, Google says it has notified its own security teams and they’re working round the clock to ensure users’ safety is kept as the top priority.

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