Chrome’s under-development screenshot editing tool is being removed by Google

Last year, in October, the renowned web browser Google Chrome tested a new tool for its users. The Screenshot tool would allow users to not only capture the screen, but they could even edit it with the same tool. Unfortunately, the browser’s parent company has decided to sunset the editing tool.

The tool made its debut in Canary Version 98. Over time, it was expected that the tool would soon be released for everyone; however, expectations came to an end when Chromium, an open-source software, highlighted that the tool was being taken off the server.

The engineers on Chromium Gerrit, have taken off every bit of the editing tool from the platform. According to them, based on the user’s experience with the tool, taking the tool forward and working on developing it more won’t do any good.

Elly Fong-Jones, an engineer and developer advocate, says that based on the feedback they received, the tool is not ready to be released for everyone. The team has decided to delete the editing feature instead of redeveloping it.

It will take around 70 days before the tool completely vanishes from the browser, so users still have some time to use it one last time. To use it, the users are required to first enable it and then activate the editing tool. Once the browser has been restarted, the tool will be ready to be used.

What needs to be focused on is that only the editing part is being removed. Users will still be able to capture but won’t be able to edit. The screenshot tool comes in handy if a user wants to highlight a specific area of the browsing page instead of capturing the whole screen. Though the edit feature won’t be available, there are still several editing tools offered by Google Photos that can be used as an alternative.

Up until now, no announcement has been made by Google Chrome about whether the tool will be brought back to the browser shortly.

H/T: Leopeva64

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