Donald Trump All Set For His Major Comeback To Top Social Media Platforms Facebook And Twitter

It’s a part of a major comeback for the White House as former US President Donald Trump gears up to make his huge return to social media.

We’re talking about a striking return to apps like Facebook and Twitter. The report comes as a source familiar with the news added how Trump really wishes to regain control regarding his powerful presence online.

Elon Musk really did end up shocking the world when he decided to unblock Trump’s account which had been suspended after the controversial January 6 Riots on Capitol Hill.

The timing is also quite interesting or should we say smart as this would mark the return of Trump to the world of politics again as we get closer to another US election run. After gaining access again, we’re saying hello to the likes of Meta being put under pressure to undergo a similar move as Twitter.

Meanwhile, a recent statement was seen being published by Donald Trump’s campaign mentioned through a letter on Meta as per a copy reviewed by NBC News. They added how such a ban was not fair as it went about distorting and preventing public discourse. Speaking through a letter on Tuesday that was sent out to Meta, it’s definitely a bold accusation.

They are yet to threaten lawsuits at this stage despite a lot of people thinking they would. But it was instead revealed how there was great importance attached to freedom of speech a petition being sent out to Meta for a meeting that would discuss Trump’s major reinstatement for the app.

A spokesperson for Meta has refused to comment on the news regarding Trump and has instead gone on to add how the firm is going to denounce the decision very soon. And after that, a complete process is going to be laid out.

Both Facebook as well as Twitter underwent a ban after Trump told his mob of supporters to charge ahead toward Capitol Hill. It was alleged that he instigated violence and really interfered with Congress as it counted electoral votes that would certify Biden as the winner of the 2020 elections.

Facebook has opted to go ahead with a restricted ban on Donald Trump that would end up being a review after a span of two years that would begin on January 7 of 2023.
While the old Twitter platform may have planned a permanent ban, the new one under CEO Elon Musk has done the complete opposite by reinstating the account and then criticizing the firm’s previous higher-ups and leadership. But we are yet to see Trump comment or make a tweet or use the app.

One Republican who chose to remain anonymous adds that Trump is certainly gearing up for his return but it’s not quite sure when and how that would be. The individual added it’s been on Trump’s mind for quite some time now but Donald Trump does tend to speak for Trump and so it really turns into becoming a game of waiting and watching.

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