Are You An Aspiring Future Tech Employee? Here Are The Top Tech Jobs And Their Pay In Major Tech Hubs

As the world is progressing, tech is in the lead and it pays big bucks. If you’re an aspiring tech employee, you’re in the best field as nothing will pay better than tech in the coming years.

A few sites (including have started gathering the pay rates of different tech jobs through the invisibility law that requires companies in tech capitals to display their salary rates. The website we’re talking about has assessed 700 different companies and then created a list of jobs and salaries.

The website specifies that the salary rates fluctuate daily since companies keep updating them. The rates we’ll discuss today are the most recent ones.

According to the website, the highest paying job at the moment is a Principal Software Engineer. The lowest salary ranges around $207,000 based on 38 jobs at 14 different companies. The highest that this job pays is $282,000.

The rest of the jobs fall around the same range. The ones surrounding engineering include Senior Software Engineer whose salary starts from $147,000 and ends at $210,000, Software Engineer ($132,000 - $200,000), Engineering Manager ($173,000 - $234,000), Security Engineer ($150,000 - $180,000), and Staff Software Engineer ($175,000 to $226,000).

A few jobs in the Product Handling sector include Product Manager ( $130,000 - $197,000), Senior Product Manager ($152,000 - $208,000), Senior Product Designer ($141,000 - $200,000), Product Designer ($123,000 - $188,000), and Senior Product Marketing Manager ($147,000 - $199,000).

If you’re from the finance department, tech has some scope for you as well. Some of the financial jobs on the site included Enterprise Account Executive ($178,000 - $242,000), Account Manager ($75,000 - $101,000), Account Executive ($111,000 - $150,000), Sales Development Representative ($54,000 - $63,000), and Senior Financial Analyst ($92,000 - $128,000).

The last set of jobs we found on the website were some miscellaneous positions. They included Data Scientist ($154,000 - $212,000), Site Reliability Engineer ($120,000 - $175,000), Technical Program Manager ($147,000 - $201,000), and Senior Data Analyst ($125,000 - $174,000).

These jobs and their pays are tempting enough to want us to leave our jobs and start from scratch. So if you’re someone who’s in the tech field, you have a bright future ahead.

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