68% of The Households in The US Own Electric Stoves After Finding Out That Gas Stoves Lead To Cancer

For as long as we can remember, gas stoves have always been around. They’re so common that having an electric stove seems more like a luxury than a necessity. In the US, people have started turning to this ‘luxury’ as more and more detriments of gas stoves come forward.

Gas stoves are the worst for indoor air quality. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, gas stoves are either going to be banned soon or alterations are going to be prescribed. The US government is working on regulations to alter the use of gas stoves actively.

The pollutants tied to gas stoves include nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and fine particular matter. Nitrogen dioxide is linked to asthma in childhood and having it emitted from gas stoves certainly makes it a major health concern.

The fine particular matter has been linked to heart and lung diseases. One of the prevalent varieties among this fine matter is the PM2.5 variety.

Furthermore, according to a study by Harvard university, there are volatile organic gas compounds found in the smoke produced by a gas stove. These compounds are linked to cancer. Gas stoves are so strongly opposed in the US that according to October 2022’s Consumer Reports, gas stoves are being completely discouraged. The report strongly suggests buying electric stoves only.

Due to this report, people would have to change their stoves. The areas in the US which would be highly affected by this restriction would be California, New Jersey, and, Nevada, Illinois, and New York. 70% of the people in California while 69% of the people in New Jersey use gas stoves.

It would be a hard job eradicating gas stoves entirely as 68% of the households in the US use this type of stove. Only 38% have an electric stove in their homes. However, there are a few states that have up to 89-90% of houses using electric ovens. These states include North Carolina, Tennessee, and North Dakota.

We strongly support the decision to erase all gas stoves due to their high risk of harm to human health.

H/T: Statista.
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