Bill Gates Admits ‘Being Rich’ Can Make You Out Of Touch Despite Supporting The Billionaire Status

Billionaire Bill Gates was seen taking part in a detailed ‘Ask Me Anything’ Reddit session and that’s where many came forward with some interesting queries.

The leading Microsoft co-founder did not shy away from giving detailed responses and really opted to speak his mind at the fireball questions being directed toward him. The event by Reddit was held on Wednesday.

Gates confessed how a person can easily get out of touch when they become rich. But at the same time, he was seen promoting billionaire status and would never stop or demotivate anyone from reaching their financial superiority.

The Reddit user had questioned Gates about his thoughts on ethical billionaires and if they actually existed in today’s day and age. And that’s when the response came, including how it provided an incentive to make new firms.

He similarly felt that being rich meant paying higher taxes and it should be like that. Those who are making an exuberant amount of money should be distributing their wealth through higher tax payments and it’s just logical, he explained. Gates did mention how it was just one opinion and in his case, he’s been awfully lucky.

The billionaire was similarly seen promoting audience members to come forward and post more queries regarding his work conducted at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Other common subjects touched upon included the likes of his plans for 2023 and anything else they would like to know.

Gates contemplated on what really matters the most in his everyday affairs, as the new year begins. He was excited about becoming a grandad this year after his daughter gave him some great news.

On the other hand, another user questioned the billionaire on his motive for purchasing a lot of farmland. But Gates was quick to shut down any thoughts about a grand scheme being involved as he says it’s nothing like that. It’s interesting to note how this got nearly 10,000 upvotes.

Bill Gates mentioned how he owned just 1/4000th acres of American farmland and he was busy investing in the likes of agriculture so as to help others get jobs and enhance their productivity.
Before leaving, he did mention how the very rich need to be higher taxpayers of society and need to jump on the bandwagon of paying more taxes. They also need to give more wealth away with time. It’s definitely awfully fulfilling for him and now, he calls it out his full-time job.

Just last year, he made headlines when he was committed to giving away a huge chunk of his money to the Gates Foundation. He created this ‘Giving Pledge’ along with the likes of his former wife and Warren Buffet in the year 2010. This was done so billionaires would be more encouraged to hand over most of their wealth instead of building up their respective bank accounts.

Just last year, five billionaires made a pledge to join that particular list. This entailed the likes of FTX founder Sam Bankman Friend. He became a part of it in 2022 and before we knew it, he was removed from that post and website after being called out for fraud.

For now, the Gates Foundation is yet to respond to requests for more comments from media outlets like Insider.

All in all, many people were made aware of the fact that Bill Gates was awfully honest and humble in all that he had to say.

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