Bad News For Meta’s Quest Headset Owners As Company Drops Support While Removing Key Features

Owners of Meta’s Quest Headset aren’t going to be loving the next piece of news that we’re set to give them.

The tech giant has confirmed that it would no longer be providing support for the product while confirming the removal of several pivotal features.

The news comes as owners of the original headset were given emails from the tech giant that notified them of the new changes that could cripple the entire headset experience. Meta knows that this piece of news is not going to be loved by many people out there. Therefore, it did try to soften the huge announcement by thanking loyal users of this Quest headset, right before it said it won’t be launching the product with some of its key features.

The changes would come into effect as early as March of this year. And that means it’s sure to severe support regarding social features on the headset. This in turn means users won’t be inviting more users to their own personal space or be heading to others’ homes after the date outlined in March.

Additionally, Quest 1 owners won’t be able to make or create parties, and that in turn rids more options for social engagement across the board. What you are left with is the likes of a sole VR experience. Without support from a certain tech giant like Meta for its own product is still acceptable as compared to ridding important features seen on an app. Experts feel that this would be taken by users as a massive blow.

As far as the reactions seen are concerned, people had a mixed bag of comments to talk about. Reddit had people saying some positive and some not-so-positive things about the whole decision. Some people did try to defend Meta’s decision and understood where the firm was coming from. Then there was one group who expressed dismay and frustration over the endeavor.

The leading parent firm of Facebook did confirm how it would be keeping this original Quest product by its side and would be providing respective updates for it too, alongside the necessary bug fixes and necessary patch-ups for security. This would hopefully continue until the likes of 2024.

Quest owners are going to continue using these headsets for the time being but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the product is reaching its final stage.

The product’s Quest 2 design has been out of touch for a few years now and the firm says it’s making plenty of advancements using this product too. Most recently, it added some new power to this design interface by increasing the GPU frequency. In the same way, Meta was seen launching a new successor. This is dubbed Quest 3 and it’s all set to arrive during some part of this year. So we’ll keep you posted on that, whenever it happens. For now, we’ll just watch the Quest owners sit and sulk.

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