Apple Reflects On Its Brilliant 2022 Progress Including 900 Million Paid Subscriptions And $320 Billion Developer Payments

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that Apple was one of the most successful tech companies of 2022. And if you fail to agree, you might want to read on.

The company’s senior VP for services has posted a detailed blog post that sheds light on the tech giant’s progress last year. And it’s safe to say they’ve done a brilliant job.

There are plenty of big figures to be proud of including the massive $320 million payments sent out to its developers and the staggering $900 million paid subscriptions. Let’s not forget the massive breakthrough performance by Apple’s music app called Shazam. This allows you to listen to a tune and informs you about what the song is. So when you come to think of it, people were shazamming to a mere 70 billion songs this past year.

Apple claims that they’ve never been able to reap such great benefits from all of their hard work like instant access to a more cinematic series and thrilling films. Let’s not forget the likes of international music and creative apps too.

Then we’ve got the likes of great journalism and immersive sports and games. It doesn’t matter what your location may be, you’ll be seeing it across your device.

It’s time to reflect on which applications and services tech giant Apple view as crucial for its success. There are nearly 13 that are important and worth a mention. They include the App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple Books, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, Shazam, Wallet, iCloud, Apple Maps, Apple Pay, Apple Fitness, and Apple News.

The most important reveal seen in Cue’s review was linked to the huge number of paid subscriptions that the tech giant facilitates. Many of them are owned by tech giant Apple and you’ll be seeing the role of third-party apps as well through its device and platforms.

So many third parties are working hard at transferring subscriptions of users off of the Apple platform. This carries a massive 30% commission rate and a 15% fee too for Apple. But the financial success of Apple is increasing by leaps and bounds. As mentioned by the Cupertino firm recently, the goal here is relying on the likes of subscription revenue and even continuing to a place that customers could subscribe to for a range of other services.

In terms of which subscription Apple deems to be pivotal for success, well, it’s a combo of Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV, Apple Fitness, iCloud, and Apple News.

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