Apple’s YouTube Ads Are Now Promoting Unsend iMessages and Action Mode in iPhone 14

Apple’s new iPhone 14 has taken the world by storm. The whole world is excited to try out its action mode meaning Apple is surely promoting it the right way.

Apple shared two new ads on YouTube this Monday that market an old and a new feature. The old feature here is the unsend iMessage feature, which has been around ever since iOS 16 came into being. The new feature here is the Action Mode on iPhone 14.

Both the ads are quirky and fun, the perfect blend to grasp the user’s attention. The first one simply shows the Action Mode by displaying a race scenario. The second one is known as the ‘R.I.P Leon’ ad - our favorite!

Apple’s new Action Mode is only available for iPhone 14 and its versions. It is not available for the previous models. However, both the ads only show iPhone 14 and not iPhone 14 pro.

Action mode allows users to capture videos in high quality even when the camera is shaking. The video is captured in high definition even if the user is running. This is portrayed in the ad where a woman is trying to capture her child competing in a race by running along.

The ‘R.I.P Leon’ ad is focused on shedding light on an old feature, the ‘delete iMessage’ feature. It shows a guy in a dilemma after his chameleon is lying over as if dead. He texts someone that Leon is dead but as soon as he sends it, Leon turns over and comes to life. The guy then unsends the text with a message that states, ‘Unsends Messages. Relax, it's iPhone.’

This feature isn’t limited to just iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 pro. It is available for all previous models that have iOS 16 and even on iPad running iPadOS16.

iPhone 14 Pro also has two ads circulating the internet. One shows the Dynamic Island while the other highlights how the Crash Detection feature works. Apple always plays with its audience’s mindset with minimalist features and ads. We hope to see even better features from the app soon.

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