Advertising on TikTok costs less than all of the social media platforms

In the social media market, Ads are a game changer for apps as it's an effective source of generating new customers and revenue. But, with the competition in the social networking space, it is hard for companies to choose where to display their ads and TikTok has almost solved that problem.

TikTok has managed to gain a bit of an upper hand on its market rivals because the prices for ads on the video-sharing platform have gone down as compared to other popular social media apps. This makes marketers prefer the short video platform rather than its more expensive rivals to spend their ad budget and market their company upon.

According to the data shared by FT, the cost to gain 1,000 impressions on TikTok is 62% less than what it costs to display Ads on Snapchat. The photo-capturing and sharing platforms are the costliest of all the major social media platforms in terms of ad costs.

In second place is Instagram, which costs more than half of what it costs on TikTok; which is quite surprising because as the most used social media app we expected it to be on the top of this list. Lastly, in third place is Twitter which costs 33% more than TikTok.

Also, the engagement rate with the ads on the apps matters a lot. And that is exactly why some marketers prefer TikTok over Instagram. How? Let me explain. The engagement rate on Instagram is 0.6% which means that only a small part of the people that the ad reaches interact with it. On TikTok however, the engagement rate is up to 6% which is a huge amount if compared to the measly amount of Instagram users. So, that is the reason why most marketers prefer the short-video sharing app over others.

According to the chart, the cost of ads on TikTok and Instagram feeds is quite close. It is Instagram Reels that cost the most.

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