PC sales are down throughout the world and smartphones are going to take its place

PCs or more specifically Desktops were the start of the technological revolution and now they have been compacted into various sizes like Laptops, Tablets, and more recently Smartphones. But now, with the development of advanced smartphones, PCs are slowly falling out of favor, and even the biggest tech company in the world, Apple, is not safe from this.

The Global PC market was faced with a huge decline because of the unstable economies and high inflation that held the whole world in its grip in the past year. According to Canalys, which is an analyst company, the global sales for desktops and laptops went down 16% as compared to 2021 and declined 285.1 million on a year by year basis.

But, the figures in 2021 were the highest that the market has seen in nearly 10 years, which was mostly due to a trend that the market saw in the years 2021 and 2020 before seeing a substantial increase in sales throughout the world.

Taking a broader perspective, sales in 2022 were higher than the pre-pandemic figures of 2019, which was basically because after the pandemic forced everyone into their homes, office work and education had to be carried out via Zoom or other video calling methods, and that required PCs. So, the people who did not have any bought them and thus helped boost sales by a large margin. Also, this meant that companies were forced to turn more attention to investing in Mobile infrastructure.

In the lead of the market in the last 3 months of 2022 was Lenovo which shipped 15,470 Notebooks and Desktops, but the numbers were down 28.9% if put in comparison with the final quarter of 2021. Second place was claimed by HP with a 29% decline in numbers and third place was taken by Dell with a 37.2% decline, a steep one as compared to the other two.

Even though the PC market saw a big decline in shipments in the fourth quarter of 2022 with an average of 28.7% than 2021, it is evident from all data that some companies did not feel the decline as much as others and Dell is the prime example for being at the short end of the stick.

Apple, however, reported a lesser decline; it was still facing a 7.5% decline on a year-by-year basis and in Q4 of 2022 a total of 7,229 Mac notebooks were only created. On an overall basis, Apple PC shipments saw a 6.2% decline in the whole year.

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