Adobe Boldly Denies Customer Accusations Linked To Training AI Models With User Data

Adobe is facing a wave of massive criticism from its own customers who allege the company has been using its data to train AI models.

This week, the firm’s CPO Scott Belsky said that the organization was never engaged in such activity and that any allegations of this sort were defaming the firm as there was zero truth behind them.

He boldly denied the reports and says there was no form of training on the generative models using customer projects. The news comes after he appeared for a recent sit-down interview with Bloomberg.

So many artificial intelligence products such as Dall-E are referred to by the term generative AI as they take content in to produce new material. But this type of technology is definitely wreaking havoc and causing great anxiety as contributors are being stripped of their own work and being provided zero credit or compensation for it.

At the start of this month, a screenshot went on to display the company’s terms and services agreement and that was displayed throughout social media apps, where people claimed it made use of customer pictures and videos for training purposes of such models.

It’s a 10-year-old policy that’s currently in place and it enables so many products to be overviewed so that their features may be enhanced and not for the sake of producing pictures. And now, the company hopes to soon launch a new policy that’s more particular. Similarly, Adobe mentioned how if it does plan on allowing people to make a consideration for generative AI, then it should be called out and better explained on how it’s getting used.

But Adobe knows that this is all such a huge wakeup for them as people’s critical reaction is proof that they are keeping an eye on what’s going on and fear the worst, considering how AI-based tools are stealing the limelight currently. This is the reason why they’re going to be super critical, from this point onwards to avoid any form of misunderstanding or miscommunication.

In today’s rapidly developed space featuring AI imagery, the company is hoping to separate generative tools to combine them into an existing space for creative software development. As it is, a conference held in October had leading firms such as Photoshop and Illustrator go into detail about AI-based tools that would be released soon.

But for media made using AI technology that’s hosted across Adobe’s stock forum, the organization would need labeled pictures and would be required to abide by so many restrictions like bans on people that can be identified through such means.

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