Meta Strikes New Deal With Shutterstock To Fuel Its Own AI Tools

The market is booming with AI-based creation tools and the hype is real, which is making tech giants consider options through which they can make the most of this trend.

Companies are assessing all the opportunities being put in front of them and how they can really end up making their own tools to add AI elements that give rise to new options. It’s all about being creative and Meta surely is not holding back in this regard.

A recent report sheds light on how Meta is striking a new deal with leading firm Shutterstock. This would provide the leading tech giant with the chance to make use of its library for both visual and audio content. And that would assist Facebook’s parent company in creating its own AI tools.

Shutterstock has confirmed the news and adds that this is another name given to an added partnership that would enable both firms to bring forward new and creative means toward today’s market. It would also help to build the company’s ecosystem so that it makes way for better connections and compensate the right contributors involved. This enables Meta to make use of a giant library of content for the sake of training, evaluating, and even developing more capabilities linked to machine learning.

That is a crucial consideration as today, Getty Images is launching more legal action against the Stability AI who are the makers behind Stable Diffusion. This is linked to the alleged misuse of certain content to kickstart the firm’s generative models.

In case Getty Images does get the option to prove its point of view and is convincing enough, it would really signal such a huge blow for the AI tools made by Stability as it would be forced to get rid of all of Getty’s content from the likes of its reference.

For now, the news is very new and only time can tell what such impacts can bring forward. However, this case does end up highlighting the great demand involved for those taking accountability and even providing compensation for some creators as the rise of AI tools increases.

This is a matter of key focus for the likes of leading companies such as Shutterstock as recently laid out by the firm’s CEO in a blog post.

He mentioned how so many questions are linked to the issue of copyrights, ownership, licensing, and rights, as well as art produced through the likes of AI technology. The idea is to do as much as one can to provide protection to those contributors who are being stripped of their own work and its ownership thanks to AI technology. But at the same time, it’s also a challenge to let people take more advantage of the creative medium

Providing enough safety to people who buy content and making sure they can use it safely is a huge challenge that also must be considered, he adds. After all, Shutterstock is a popular forum that has libraries hosting over a billion clips.

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