Ad-Funded Apps Get Major Reality Check After Meta’s Ads Were Found Unlawful By The EU

Ad funding for platforms is an integral approach to survival in today’s competitive tech world.

It’s no wonder why Elon Musk is worried about the sudden decline in ad spending for Twitter that would remarkably reduce its current profits.

This is why critics feel the time has come for Musk to pay heed while he still can because of the massive fines being employed on Meta’s ads as being unlawful by the EU. Hence, he could soon see his Twitter app in a similar position. And after the billionaire saw a massive reduction in his own personal fortune, we don’t think he’d want to head in that direction!

Meta was fined for making a huge privacy mistake when it opted to force behavioral ads on its users. In a series of remarks made today, right after two final decisions were published regarding the EU’s privacy regulators against Meta’s behavior, we know that this is a serious deal.

Both Instagram and Facebook were blasted for a staggering value of $410 million in terms of fines. This came with more orders to rectify data processing that it felt was unlawful within a three-month time span. More startling warnings are now being issued to other similar firms in terms of a warning that if they do end up ignoring the EU data protection policies by starving users of the right to select if they wish to be tracked or not, then the consequences could be detrimental

These decisions are a major reality check that Meta conducted a lot of unlawful processing of users’ personal information in terms of behavioral advertising and this wasn’t even necessary as per a contract seen between users and the respective apps.

Moreover, we could soon see such decisions have major impacts on the likes of other leading apps that use such advertising strategies at the forefront of their respective business models.

The Board has gone about labeling such relationships between Meta and its users as very imbalanced and one that gives rise to huge breaches. It further impacts the reasonable expectations of all users and that’s when the company was slammed for even considering such behavior that’s awfully misleading. Then other allegations included the likes of finding a breach in fairness and transparency.

The whole idea of a supervisory board is to keep a check on the EU’s GDPR and ensure all laws are fairly practiced by watchdogs in similar member nations. It even slammed Meta’s excuse of it being a contractual necessity.

For those who are still wondering, behavioral ads are those that selectively target through tracking and even profiling certain users through online activity. So to put it in simple words the EU has to do with processing users’ personal details which can only be done if and when permission is given legally.

But it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how such a finding could have serious impacts on other tech giants like TikTok, which opted to get rid of a button that allowed users to refuse to track but soon, it froze that decision. In case it makes the change again now, it will say hello to scrutiny.

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