YouTube Tests New And Useful Features Including Automated Transcriptions And Translations

Google is busy conducting a series of experiments for its YouTube app and it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that the features are sure to come in handy for creators.

YouTube is a leading platform in the world of video sharing and its size continues to grow with each year passing by. There are viewers from all over the world with the Indian nation being no exception in terms of helping to enhance viewership and overall expansion.

This is why the company is keen on adding more features for users of this country because it feels it can really cater well to different viewers in India. Moreover, we recently saw the annual Google conference take place in India. This entails a feature for text searches powered by AI technology inside videos. Similarly, it includes the likes of automatic dubbing for various languages arising from different regions across the South East Asian nation, especially the niche of healthcare content.

At the moment, the tech giant happens to be working on a pilot program across the country where a new button pops up to conduct a search below any long video on the app. Simply click on it and you enter a new array of search queries for such videos.

With the help of AI-powered technology, Google will end up listing so many occurrences for a particular subject seen in videos. This is so much better than just going through long-form content on the app or various chapters. You can find such features soon through Google Search, the company outlined. This way, those that struggle with finding the best part of a video don’t need to break a sweat as they can just search for it and watch with ease.

On the other hand, the search engine giant has collaborated with other healthcare providers in the country to put ahead results that are both reliable and credible. And to ensure different audiences across India can benefit, it’s using AI technology called Aloud for the likes of dubbing, translating, and transcribing through a simple click.

All the healthcare experts need to do is review the results provided at the end. In the same way, there is more news on the tech giant working side by side with the likes of Apollo Hospitals. It’s doing its absolute best to experiment with new features that entail single videos being available with different music in various languages.

In this way, you can say hello to an effortless switch that arises between various languages through a simple click of a button.

There is also news about YouTube providing its content creators with the chance to take part in structure-based learning through its app. This feature has been given the title of Dubbed Courses and it’s a new program that would be available for a certain pool of creators that qualify for the endeavor. We can expect it to begin by early next year.

This is definitely Google’s first time to enable creators to put various courses for sale to viewers directly. It also hopes to give viewers the chance to see documents, pictures, and PDFs through this app. As is it, the app is full of all kinds of educational videos and it has creators earning via ads. And this just provides another great means for generating revenue online. As Google says, learning just got so much better and easier through this app.

The share of the revenue for various courses on this platform will be the same as other videos seen across the app. All the creators would be getting a 55% share of the profits while the rest goes to YouTube as mentioned in the policy. Also, those paying for the courses won’t have to see ads getting displayed on videos.

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