Americans Find It Easier To Relate To Strangers Online Than Those In Real Life, New Study Claims

A new study is diving deep into the minds of Americans and how they feel about meeting people online as compared to the real world. And you’ll be astonished to learn how many feel there is no platform as great as TikTok.

As revealed through this research, more than 70% of Americans feel it’s so much simpler to relate to strangers found in communities online than those seen in the real world.

This particular survey comprises 2,000 American adults and it showed that communication through the world of visual and written means really helped them communicate better.

Moreover, around 40% of internet users say they could go on chatting for hours with pals virtually than in person for a huge period of time. And there is a strong sense of community here while discussing the likes of movies and books, and more online.

As far as looking at gender trends is concerned, it’s the men who feel so much more pressure than females in terms of going through the latest book to help keep up with others in society.

Most of the polls showed how activities such as reading, gaming, and visual arts led the pack in terms of being the most popular activities out there today.

This particular survey has been conducted by ThriftBooks which also went on to prove how so many social platforms are the location where you’d find more recommendations and reviews for various television shows and series, movies, and even books. Meanwhile, 70% of Americans were keen on learning about books because they had been discussed online. And you’d be shocked to learn how many turn to online platforms for reading books as compared to watching a movie.

With the good comes the bad. And you’ll be amazed to learn how many young individuals were outlined as being enveloped in a new feeling of FOMO or the fear of missing out when getting so engaged throughout online communities. This is usually linked to movies and television series.

But it’s Gen Z who fears the most missing out on their books more than on matters linked to television series and musical concerts as well as events in the world of sporting.

Another interesting point in this study is how some people make use of the world of social media to use their rights of bragging. You’ll see them going on and on about a book they’ve read or how many episodes from a series they ended up binge-watching at the end of it all. It’s so interesting how different shared interests really unites people in this world

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