EU Says Meta Abused Its Leading Position To Benefit Its Facebook App

Scrutiny in the tech world is a never-ending ordeal and a recent investigation conducted by the European Commission against Meta is proving to be a lot.

The EC confirmed today how it found Meta guilty of antitrust behavior regarding the way it links its social networking world of apps to the market’s service for classified ads.

In the same way, we saw it pointing toward some unfair conditions for trading including how it makes use of data from different online advertisement services by archrivals.

Today, the news comes at a period that’s nearly 18 months later after the EC and the UK’s CMA went public about a collaboration to crackdown against Meta and its abuse powers.

It proved how the Facebook parent firm was involved in providing a very unfair advantage to other competitors in terms of classified ads and the space it takes up. For this reason, the CMA outlined how it would be proceeding further with its legal action against Meta and that is the reason why the EC is doing the same.

We saw Meta launch its Marketplace in the year 2016. This enables users on the Facebook app to purchase and sell nearly everything and anything. Be it clothing, books, smartphones, and furniture- the list is endless.

Meanwhile, the EC says it has gone on to view such behavior as one that could most likely breach clauses seen in the EU including its rules aligned for antitrust policies, thanks to the distortion in competition across markets in the online world.
The Facebook social platform allows Meta to reach out to billions of users from all over the world and there are millions of advertisers who are active, the EC’s VP noted in a statement. Hence, Meta was accused of tying Facebook to services allotted for classified ads via the Facebook Marketplace. Even if users don’t want to, they end up making their way toward the Facebook Marketplace as it’s linked.

So many rival services for classified ads that use the Meta platform through Facebook and Instagram force advertisers into making some unjustified and really unfair decisions with the most benefit going to Meta’s leading marketplace.

More statements highlighted how there are so many growing concerns about Meta imposing trading conditions that are so unfair and it enables the use of data across various classified advertising services of competitors. And if that’s the case as the findings do suggest, such behavior is illegal and goes against the likes of the competition regulations.

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