YouTube Adds More Elements To Track Video Processing And Allows Users To Select Any Frame For Shorts Thumbnails

If you happen to be a content creator on the YouTube app, you’d know by now that it's not a piece of cake to get your video up and running for viewers to enjoy. After all, so much processing does require time and patience.

But to help make creators’ lives a little simpler, the platform is incorporating a new element on its Studio that allows users to track the time taken for their video to undergo processing.

However, this is not all. It also hopes to roll out a new feature called Data Stories to give a better outlook linked to channel performance as well.

Let’s take a look at upload tracking for starters. It’s present on the YouTube Studio and this is where you can best track the time is taken for such content to undergo processing through this app. A few indicators include the likes of HD, 4K, and SD.

Users can hover through the likes of different icons located in bars seen toward the end of the dialogue box. This entails all the details you need regarding the status of processing and the time needed for its completion. But the exact amount of time required is dependent on a few things like video format, length, frame rate, quality, and others.

But after you bypass the lowest level, you would be allowed to publish it while uploading the time taken for various formats to complete and it’s really helpful to better conserve time and plan out your schedule.

The app confirmed how such new displays would be up for grabs for all creators on the app as early as this week’s end.

Next up, the platform is also introducing an array of new panels for Data Stories. This would provide some great quick context about the account holder’s channel performance. If you remember, it was in October when YouTube launched a feature called Data Stories that provided pivotal insights including data reach and retention stats about a channel through a full display that could be swiped.

Now, it’s going to be quicker to view in the form of weekly updates that highlight insights on vlogs, Shorts, Live, and the number of posts published on the app. Other features would entail the traffic directed toward the channel, the revenue generated on a weekly basis, and quizzes to ensure people stay updated on the channel.

We feel such panels are a super convenient way to stay at the top of the game in terms of a channel’s metrics.

Meanwhile, another great news for YouTube users is linked to Shorts. The popular short video feature on the app would now be open to using any frame for thumbnails.

It’s a request that so many avid YouTube fans had made a long time back and seeing the app finally give in is definitely some major news.

The offering was first made public by social media enthusiast and expert Neal Mohan who published the news through his account on the platform.

So now, users can use any frame of their choice from their Short content for Thumbnails. It’s for Android users for now but iOS users will get it soon too so stay tuned!

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