According to the Study by Brand Keys, Amazon Send the Most Emails to Its Customers But They Don't Mind It

A survey by Brand Keys, it was revealed which brands are the ones that send too many emails to their customers. In the results, Amazon and Uber were also among the brands which send the most emails. Brand Keys also said that if a brand sends too many emails, the customers can stop engaging with it. So if you as a brand think that you can make more customers by sending them emails every other hour, it is not going to work.

President and Founder of Brand Keys said that about 85% of people in the US out of 2208 consumers get fed off of a brand if it is sending the customers too many emails. But this rule doesn't apply to all brands. It was seen that after frequent emailing, Amazon and Groupon raised customer engagement. These two companies started appearing in the email lists in 2018, and since then it was seen that the engagement went upward instead of downwards. Brand Keys also said that Amazon feels like it is annoying the customers by sending too many emails. But it is doing the opposite. People are taking interest in what Amazon has to offer to its customers.

That's the reason that Amazon was the top marketer in Ad Age's top 10 Marketers of the Year. Other brands include Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, etc. The full list of rankings is as follows: Amazon, Macy's, Groupon, Gap, Home Depot, Expedia, Uber,, Airbnb, Walmart, CVS, Facebook, Banana Republic, Apple, and Overstock. All these brands mentioned frequent emailing but it is to their advantage, and people like to see mail from them. The president of Brand Key says that as long as you are not annoying your customers, the emailing is okay but most of the customers do not even know how they feel about it. But it's always right to be a little cautious with these things.

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