After The Success of Lensa AI, The Demand For AI Art Apps Has Increased on App Store

Lensa AI is a huge blockbuster with almost $8 million in revenue from the US App Store alone. The numbers are still increasing and Lensa AI is becoming popular among people all over the world. Globally, Lensa AI has generated a total of $25 million, even after Apple and Google deducted their fees. This means that this net revenue is huge for a picture-editing app.

After this success from Lensa, the demand for AI art apps has increased. Many of the AI art apps have already climbed on the Apple Store. People loved Lensa AI and now they are looking for more apps like it. After Lensa AI became popular, there was a rise seen in other artificial intelligence based art apps too. Some of this was pushed by Ads by Apple Store but they do not do much and this means that people just love these apps in general.

According to AppFigures, the top five AI arts apps were downloaded in 11,000,000. Lensa AI is excluded from this data just to see how there's a surge in AI art apps after Lensa was released in November. Before AI art became popular, there were other apps too which were climbing up. These apps included Wonder, Dawn, Prequel, AI Art, and Voi. This year, these apps got many downloads before people moved onto AI Art.

There is speculation that it is just a trend fueled by the Apple Store but it's not true. The rise in downloads of AI Arts Apps can be seen on both Google as well as Apple Store. So it is probably not by some trend. After the Lensa app release, the demand for AI Apps increased to 1265% on the App Store while about 7 million downloads were recorded. On Google Play, this demand was a bit lower than App Store but high on the platform with 759% and about 3.7 million downloads were seen on the app.

It is too soon to say if the trends in AI Art Apps are just a phase or if people are going to let it be with them for the long term. One thing is sure people love using these apps and the App Store is having a blast with the profit it is gaining from them. Now we have to wait and see how much time it will take until people will get bored of it.

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