New Research Confirms Cyberbullying Is On The Rise Among US Teens

The Pew Research Center found that nearly 50% of the respondents taking part in a new study had experienced cyberbullying of some sort.

This just goes to show how crime is at an all-time high among teens in teenagers in the US as they went through at least one in six types of cyberbullying behavior that was delineated by this team of experts.

In case you’re wondering what those six behaviors are, we’ve listed them down below for you. For starters, it’s constantly getting asked about their whereabouts and what form of activities they might be engaged in, and who they might be accompanying.

Next up, they may admit to having explicit content shared online without any form of permission provided. They could similarly confirm that they were called some offensive names or received threats of an alarming physical nature.

Getting explicit images that may not have been requested and even spreading some of the most false rumors about themselves.

If there was one characteristic that led the pack in terms of behavior patterns, it was definitely name-calling. There 30% of people mentioned how commonly they’ve been called something derogatory online or across their smartphone devices.

This was followed up by some fake rumors, getting explicit pictures, being stalked by someone that’s not a parent, receiving physical threats, and getting images shared. And it’s amazing how a lot of teens are affected by not one by many of these behaviors online that really characterize the cyberbullying situation as intense.

Teenagers that were between the ages of 15 to 17 were the ones to go through around one form of cyberbullying incident. Meanwhile, the study by Pew outlined how older females were bound to be victimized greater than any other person out there. This was clearly seen when compared against their counterpart males of the same age group in the study.

At the same time, younger females were also the center of attention for false rumors or getting monitored by people that weren’t their actual guardians or parent. And when such people were questioned about why they turned out to be targeted, the answer was simple. They felt it was due to a certain way they appeared or carried themselves and some gave the reasoning of race or ethnicity.

It was more Black females than anyone else that had been targeted as per their race and when compared to others of Hispanic or white ethnicity.

Bullying is definitely nothing new in this world. It’s been taking place even before the term and concept of the internet or the world wide web came into existence. But this particular research by experts at Pew has clearly mentioned that such research is generating more awareness on the matter and it’s proven how bullying really increased since the arrival of the internet, smartphones, and the world of social media.

It’s just that such factors have really brought forward a new and very public ground for the matter to take a new shape and negatively impact so many online users around the globe.

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