Meta Throws More Funds Into Its Metaverse By Acquiring 3D Lens Giant Luxexcel

Facebook’s parent firm really means business and that’s one of the many reasons why it is busy throwing more and more funds into its metaverse.

Recently, Meta purchased a Netherlands-based firm that specializes in the likes of 3D printing that’s designed for prescription lenses. These are used for the likes of smart glasses. This report was first published by a Dutch media outlet but since then, we’ve seen Meta confirm to another leading media outlet called The Verge that it did in fact buy the firm.

We are truly excited that Luxexcel has joined us in this journey of ours, Meta stated while going public with the news. It truly deepened the partnership that existed between the two firms.

For now, the terms linked to this deal are not known and the firm’s CTO and head for Reality Labs did do plenty to make sure things ran smoothly.

Other reports have gone on to focus on how Meta is really pouring nearly 50% of expenses linked to operations into its AR while the other half goes into the likes of creating VR products as it bleeds out billions.

The leading Dutch-based firm was created in the year 2009. It claims that it could integrate a few elements that were required to make a new AR experience within a particular prescription lens. Common examples include the likes of projectors and even holographic films.

Meanwhile, in the year 2021, it managed to partner up with the likes of WaveOptics. This firm provides plenty of displays for the likes of Snap’s Spectacles. This is to develop a lens that’s outfitted using waveguides.

Similarly, it has worked hard to create a technology based on transparency that superimposes virtual objects upon a user’s real-life environment.

The news comes as the tech giant makes its way to creating new AR glasses. And while no final product may be seen for a while now, it makes sense as to why there is a delay. Remember, this is a venture that needs years to really make it big as Meta wants the product to be lighter, quicker, and slimmer in design as well as have the right power for functionality.

We may see it really becoming a huge project in the next two years which is when consumers would be able to have their hands on it.

Day by day, the tech giant is getting more and closer to fulfilling its goals. It is adding color videos to the expensive Quest Pro headset. Similarly, we saw it get into a major partnership with the likes of Ray-Ban in the year 2021 and this is when it launched the famous Ray-Ban Stories.

This is the name given to a production that entails smart glasses that are complete with cameras, microphones, and even some speakers.

While such lenses do not have displays that are built into the product, we know that it could be some sort of a new acquisition that enables Meta to achieve such a thing in the future.

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