Twitter Predicted to Lose 32.7 Million Users in Two Years

The acquisition of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk has caused some to question the future of the social media platform. Musk’s prime concern was to generate revenue, and he attempted to do so with an $8 per month charge for a verified blue tick. In spite of the fact that this is the case, many are ridiculing this notion due to the relatively small amount of revenue it would bring in. Some are hoping that Musk can turn the ship around, but the predictions seem rather dire right now.

Insider Intelligence recently put out a report that revealed a potential drop in Twitter’s number of users for the very first time. Twitter’s growth rate in terms of user base was slow prior to Musk’s acquisition, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way this report suggests that it may go into the negatives despite never having done so since the platform was first released for general consumers.

The news comes forward to us by Insider Intelligence who says they’ve really done extensive market research to come to this conclusion, ever since they began to track it down in 2008.   One chief analyst at the firm added that it won’t require one major event to destroy Twitter but actually, the users would begin leaving themselves by next year after growing frustrations take center stage on the platform and so many technical issues arose. There would similarly be a great rise in hateful content and unwanted posts.   This would occur despite Elon Musk doing his absolute best to get innovation on board and forcing members to work round the clock because the matter has really become uncontrollable with so many problems linked to content moderation and the app’s own infrastructure as well.   This new report ends up anticipating how the app would be losing more users across places like the US which happens to be the company’s leading market from all over the globe. And by 2024, this would further fall by more than 8 million users. After that, we’d be seeing another fall of 50 million users which might be the lowest ever witnessed since the start of 2014 as the platform becomes less enticing and unstable.   In places like the United Kingdom, the company might be losing out on the likes of 1.6 million people in the next two years and that’s a lot considering it has a base comprising of nearly 12 million users.   Among those leaving, the demographics highlighted in the forecast would entail those aged below 25 years and those above 45.   But what is even more shocking from this forecast is how predictions for ad revenue are not too great. It’s been highlighted as being totally flat as so many more advertisers begin to pull out and stop advertising on the platform regarding concerns about the security of the app.   It’s clear that although Musk may have thought of acquiring Twitter with the motive of making it better, he’s actually ended up making it worse. And that was perfectly summed up by the mega chorus of boos that arose during the Dave Chapelle show when he took the stage.

The social network managed to crawl its way to 368 million users in 2022. The research indicates that this will decrease by 3.9% to 353 million by the end of 2023, followed by another decline of 5.1% to reach 335 million by the time 2024 draws to a close. This will set Twitter back several years, since the platform had more users than this as far back as 2020 when the pandemic surge resulted in an 11.1% growth rate that brought the total count to over 347 million with all things having been considered and taken into account.

All of this seems to suggest that Musk’s acquisition is putting Twitter’s future in jeopardy. If current trends continue, it will become harder for Twitter to continue operating than might have been the case otherwise. Musk has alienated a lot of advertisers due to his free speech absolutism, and that is having a detrimental impact on what he refers to as the internet’s Town Square. Much of this decline can be attributed to US based users who are migrating to other platforms such as Mastodon en masse.

Trouble For Twitter As New Forecast Says It Will Lose 32 Million Users In Two Years With Elon Musk In Charge

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