Twitter Blue Users Will Have To Verify Themselves on Twitter Through Their ID

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he has been implementing many features on the app authentic engagement on the platform. Someone had to take this step because Twitter was slowly being flooded with bots that were blocking the real person's activities on Twitter and the whole timeline was usually a mess. Previously, Twitter added verification of the person using the account that he is a human. Now, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter requires ID Verification for users using Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue users need many verification steps and as a result, they get exclusive Twitter features. This verification is also a big step for users with blue ticks because this way they will be able to prove their authenticity to Twitter and may get special treatment from the app.

If you have signed up to Twitter from an iPhone, your ID Verification gets already done from Apple ID. If you pay $8 for the blue check, you have to verify yourself through your ID after your billing cycle ends. The new billing will start from $11 per month, as per the news from Twitter. This means that if you want to subscribe to Twitter blue, you have to verify yourself first, or else you want to be able to use Twitter Blue. Right now this update isn't in full swing but in the upcoming days, all the Twitter blue users will have to verify on Twitter with their ID. Some users are happy with this update, while some are saying that this is unnecessary. Users are saying that they want to give their ID to Twitter for verification, and want Twitter to adopt new ways of verification. Let's see if this new feature is here to stay or if Twitter is just trying it out to see the reaction of users.

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