Twitter is Working on Making Sure That a Human is Behind an Account Before Giving Access to Some Special Features

Twitter is always working to make the app safe and secure for users. Recently, Elon Musk announced that Twitter has started working to decrease the bots on the app. There are many bots on Twitter that handle most of the verified accounts. But due to this, most users are not able to enjoy the app fully. So now Twitter is reportedly testing a feature that will make sure that there is a human behind an account (that it find dubious) before allowing the person to use all the features on the app.

Twitter is introducing new features on the app so it was about time that Twitter started restricting the growth of bots on the app. To verify you're a human, you will have to interact more with other accounts on Twitter. You will have to tweet more, reply to some tweets and overall perform human functions for Twitter's algorithm to figure out your behavior. Twitter hasn't told us explicitly about how the verification method is going to be. But when you will be more engaging with your timeline and connect with other accounts, Twitter will closely monitor your activities. When Twitter is confident that you are a human, you will be able to access the other features.

When you get yourself verified that you are a human on Twitter, your content will be more accessable. This means you will appear more on the homepage and your content will be easily seen in search results and trends. Another feature that you will get after your verification is making your direct messages unfiltered. This means that when you send a message to an account on Twitter, your message will not be filtered automatically.

Many Twitter users are extremely happy about this feature. Some say that they had been waiting for this type of feature for a long time and, that Twitter has done something good for once. This will help the app to get rid of bots.

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