Twitter Is Adding A Verified Phone Number Check Mark In The Profile Info Section

As Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, many modifications and features are being added to the app. Some of these features are appreciated but most people do not like what Musk is adding to the app. Just like many other features that Twitter has added to the platform, a new verified phone number checkmark will also being introduced in the info section of the Twitter account. Users have mixed reactions to this feature and some of them think it is unnecessary.

This feature is available in India (as per Legion's claim) and will allow users to confirm their phone numbers. Only the users who have logged in to the Twitter app will see the verified phone number section, and this way they will be able to find out that the account holder also belongs to India. Some people think that the confirmed phone number means a verified account with a blue tick. But this is not the case. You will not get a blue tick if you verify your phone number. It is a completely different process.

By activating the mobile phone confirmation, your phone number will not be displayed on your profile. To display your confirmed phone number mark, check if you have an accurate and up-to-date phone number. Just like the way you customize your profile, you will have to confirm your phone number too by going to the settings. If you do not have an up-to-date phone number, just follow the Twitter instructions to add a new one.

The reason for adding a confirmed phone number is that it will help to decrease the number of bots in the app. Many of the accounts on Twitter are operated by bots and this way unauthenticated accounts won't appear on Twitter in abundance.

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