New Law May Soon Force Google And Meta To Pay Local Media Outlets For News Published

Authorities in New Zealand have announced today that they’re on the verge of introducing a new law regarding local news publishing on leading digital platforms.

The government went on to detail how big tech giants like Google and Meta would be forced to pay the country’s media firms for any local news published through such feeds.

The statements were published today by New Zealand’s Minister for broadcasting Willie Jackson. He outlined through a message released on Sunday that the new law would come into play in a manner that’s similar to legislation passed in nations like Canada and Australia.

He also detailed how he hoped this would serve as the ideal incentive for such digital platforms which would reach deals alongside local media outlets. As it is, New Zealand’s media industry, particularly firms hailing from tiny regional newspapers has been struggling financially.

For that reason, it’s crucial that those individuals that are struggling start to benefit from such endeavors by actually making an attempt to pay for such content.

The final decision will be taken through a vote in the parliament where the current ruling party would be expected to give it the green signal.

A similar law came about in Australia in the year 2021. This is what gave the government the authority to make tech giants conduct negotiations regarding content deals seen in various media outlets. Meanwhile, a review had been published in the previous week related to the Australian government’s decision. This is where they arose to the conclusion that it really worked in their favor.

Hence, we’re going to have to wait and see if the same takes place in countries like New Zealand.

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