Twitter Is Ready To Provide More Companies With Greater Control Over Advertisements

Twitter Inc. has been very vocal regarding advertising and the dilemmas it has been facing, ever since billionaire Elon Musk became the firm’s new owner.

Now, the company is all set to provide greater control to firms to stop their ads from showing both on top and below certain tweets that entail specific keywords.

The news comes to us thanks to Reuters which recently mentioned that this was a new strategy or an added incentive to grab the attention of advertisers so they can return.

In case you were not aware, an array of the world’s top firms have put advertising on hold, ever since Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition.

From Pfizer to General Mills Inc, and more- the list is endless. And that’s why we saw Twitter mention in an email to advertisers a few days back that it would be putting forward some new tools that are going to roll out as early as next week.

Elon Musk has really been working hard to bring so many advertisers back on the app that had left or become isolated due to the rapid influx of hate speech tweets and other alarming posts on the app. These have been increasing ever since the billionaire took charge.

It had become so great that two House Democrats are now asking Musk to delineate what he may be doing to curb such matters and what his response would be.

Elon Musk has mentioned time and time again that his leading goal was to make the app a place where free speech gets promoted. It has resulted in the cut down of nearly half of the app’s workforce while so many others are resigning as we speak.

It’s quite complicated and the firm is really putting forward some great efforts to curb harmful content on the platform. Similarly, we’ve seen Musk bring back a plethora of accounts that were completely banned for violating the company’s policies in the past.

Musk has also been reported as mentioning how hate speech has really declined on the app but people were skeptical about how authentic those stats really were at the end of it all.

Meanwhile, we saw one representative from the firm outline to advertisers that it wished to bring forward so many content moderators on the app so it expands to those specializing in languages other than English. For now, Twitter is yet to reply to any such requests on the matter or even comment on it.

Remember, during the early part of this week, Elon Musk mentioned that Apple fully returned to the likes of advertising on the app and it caused a massive de-escalation between the brewing war of two of this world’s most accomplished and leading tech firms.

In other news, the platform detailed how it would roll out the new Twitter Blue subscription service which is set for release this Friday. This would arise at a cost of just $7 for monthly packages while the same ordeal costs $11 a month for all Apple devices.

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