CNBC Surveys Americans About Their Views on Crypto And Most of the Results Are Negative

According to the CNBC All America Economic Survey, the view of Americans about cryptocurrency has changed drastically after a lot of scandals, bankruptcies, and collapses surrounding the cryptocurrency market. This is the reason that many of the people who took the survey demand a proper way to tackle the issues that they face in cryptocurrency.

According to the survey, 43% of Americans have a negative view of cryptocurrency. In March 2022, this percentage was only 25% but now it can be seen how many people do not have good views about crypto. Similarly, some people also have positive views about cryptocurrency but they are not many. The survey shows only 8% of people think of cryptocurrency as something positive, as compared to 18% in March. The people who have neutral views about cryptocurrency only got down to 18% from 31%.

This survey was taken by 800 Americans all over the USA in November. One thing worth mentioning here is that the cryptocurrency survey in March was conducted by NBC News. The survey results of November show that 42% of people who have invested in crypto do not have any good views about it. This percentage is nearly the same as all of the adults having negative views about it(43%).

All of these results prove that crypto is going down and that it has to work hard to rebuild its reliability. But this can be a bit hard too because the reliability and validity of companies like crypto depend on their valuation, and that crypto does not seem to have any.

The CEO of Bitfury says that Crypto is like a retail market where the thoughts and reviews of people matter. He says that when people read FTX reviews in well-known newspapers every single day, they get scared of investing in the market and that's the reason why they do not view crypto as something positive.

It doesn't matter if a person is interested in crypto and has invested in it, because there's a high probability that they will want to regulate the investment as bonds or stocks. The survey also said that 53% of respondents want crypto to be regulated as stocks or bonds. This percentage includes adults(21%) as well as crypto investors(16%) who want better regulation.

People are turning against crypto at the time they have turned against stocks. In the 15 years of surveys, CNBC has never experienced such a negative survey. 51% of people in the survey say that this isn't a good time to invest while 26% have a view that investing in equities won't be bad at these times.

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