Musk Blasts Twitter’s Team For Being Too Intense When Suspending Fake Accounts On The App

Elon Musk is blasting out the teams responsible for suspending fake accounts on the Twitter platform, calling them out as being too intense in their behavior.

The billionaire spoke out on the matter during the later hours of Sunday night where he says the team that was responsible for getting rid of spam and even bot accounts was just too harsh in their ruling.

He even highlighted how such suspensions were not required but now, he hopes to move forward with a more chill or laid-back attitude.

The news came after one Twitter user sent out complaints about the platform suspending several genuine accounts that were seen putting out messages of positivity as well as fun memes for better engagement.

But by suspending such accounts, Musk knows that it would drastically affect users who work so hard to build up their followers and accounts. Hence, such behavior causes the number of followers to drop overnight.

Elon Musk’s major issue has really opened up a new debate because we’ve seen the billionaire outline on numerous occasions that he wouldn’t be able to acquire Twitter because the number of fake accounts was just too many.

Now, he’s taking a completely different approach by putting a loose grip on keeping such accounts at bay. What happened to Musk trying to authentically the real users on the app as humans, was just one of the many comments that people were curious about, related to this topic.

In a recently published interview with leading media outlet Reuters, Elon Musk was mentioned to be a leader whose top priority was nothing but platform safety. And for that reason, he was not going to make the app rely more on the likes of AI technology to spot and address various types of harmful content online.

Let’s not forget how in the past few weeks, we’ve seen several users of the app that were left-wing activists having accounts suspended in an unfair manner. And that was related to the fact that the company’s team that handled trust and safety was decimated.

Then last week, we saw a new report in the name of Twitter Files get published which outlined how Twitter prevented content related to Hunter Biden’s laptop from getting published, right before the commencement of the US Elections that were held in 2020.

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

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