Instagram to facilitate business accounts via Direct Messages Labels

One of the trendiest applications to ever come across the earth is Instagram with over 2 billion+ users, Instagram is currently owned and maintained by the same organization that owns Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp called Meta.

As Instagram continues to innovate in order to ease everyday life, Instagram seems to be developing new types of labels which will be used to manage customer interactions within the app.

This week, a social media enthusiast named Sachin Shah showcased a bunch of new labels that will be added in Instagram direct messages in order to facilitate business accounts as well as small businesses that don't have the money to onboard ORM agencies/tools.

These five labels will be Flag, Booked, Ordered, Paid and last but not the least Shipped.

This could be very helpful for small businesses having low budgets in terms of buying any software consisting of Complex CRM features.

In this way all sorts of businesses will have the freedom to track their orders via label easily regardless of how complex situations might get.

The implementation of these new labels will be done in the existing Instagram Business account’s Direct messages section. Including more features like a custom welcome message and saved replies to improve your messaging efficiency moreover, the people who own business pages on Facebook can use these chat labels too. But of course, chat labels would be slightly different from Instagram.

It's interesting to see how Meta is taking productive decisions in order to make their social platforms best for ecommerce.

Moreover, we should lower our expectations as this new feature is under testing and could take more time to arrive in the application, thus this feature is yet to be tested by the public and time will tell how productive this new feature turns out.

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