Twitter Debuts New Feature Called Cashtags That Monitors Market Data

You may have heard about the term hashtags on social media. It’s a common word reserved for monitoring what’s trending around the globe on different platforms. But have you ever come across the term cashtags?

Well, we certainly don’t think so. It’s all thanks to the Twitter app that we’re hearing more about this word. It’s a new offering by the platform whose main goal is to monitor market data and bring it straight to users on the platform.

In the past, such a feature would only users to click on a word located in hyperlinks and it would showcase similar results. The company confirmed how it works in a very similar way to hashtags and we think the concept is great.

The news comes thanks to Twitter Business which was the first one to post news related to it. It hopes to add more data to each and every search related to a cashtag so users stay more informed. And to assist in making the analysis even more eventful, it hopes to include the likes charts as well as infographics from other places like websites.

Hence, now users can get immediate insight into such types of data without leaving the platform as the system delivers it right onto the app. Moreover, those individuals who would like some more information in this regard can attain it by looking at the hyperlink that accompanies a particular website and leads them straight to the data they desire.

Before, Cashtags worked in a manner that was the same as a hashtag. But now, you’re getting so much more data in the form of market data and some more links that allow users to be led to something like this.
The Twitter team says they’ve worked hard on the feature and feel it can add some significant financial improvements to the platform.

Twitter and its new management under the leadership of Elon Musk are doing everything in their power to bring improved features to the platform so more and more users can benefit. Recently, we saw the app bid farewell to fast-track verification as that had been overrun by the likes of fake accounts and bots, wreaking havoc as impersonation was at an all-time high.

Today, you’ll find various color-coded ticks for verification to help differentiate people from brands and others.

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