Apple All Set To Cancel Or Postpone The Mass Production Of 2024’s iPhone SE, New Report Confirms

The tech world is as unpredictable as can be. And sometimes, things don’t go as planned, even if you’re a leading tech firm in the market.

The perfect example of this notion is iPhone maker Apple which just recently launched its third generation of iPhone SE. It’s only been a few months to this news and it looks like the launch of the innovative device didn’t do as well as experts had planned on a commercial level.

As recently revealed by one reputable analyst and leading industry expert, Ming-Chi Kuo, the company is thinking of taking a bolder step in this regard. And that means seeing a cancellation of the mass production of 2024’s iPhone SE. This was dubbed to be iPhone SE 4.

As reported by one analyst, there were several variants of this device like the iPhone SE 3, 12 mini, and the iPhone 14 that are not really selling too well and hence would be stopped from being produced.

In the same, the leading analyst mentioned how the costs of production linked to the SE 4 were also much greater thanks to it being a full-screen variant in terms of innovation and design. Hence, in case it does get produced and sold under the current processing system, it’s going to be downstream the expenses linked to the client and that results in a cost that they might not be willing to pay. Hence, Apple is really thinking strongly about having this series repositioned.

As mentioned by rumors from the past, we saw the iPhone SE 4 be speculated as being quite like the iPhone XR. By this we mean the appearance and it can house display screens being 6 inches and all display as far as the design is concerned. Instead of adding the usual button for Touch ID Home, it’s going to force the inclusion of Face ID or even a power button that works on the basis of Touch ID.

But if this new report is true, it looks like tech giant Apple might end up putting this product line aside as a whole. For now, the firm is yet to comment or confirm how much truth there appears to be in the statements coming forward from Kuo. But we are likely to see some more developments in this matter soon, such as in the next few months or so.

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