Will 2023 be better than 2022? The world doesn't seem to think so

2022 has been a year of opportunity and hope, however, it was one of the most extreme years and has left the world with mixed feelings. A survey conducted recently by Ipsos had us figure out where we stand globally emotionally concerning the upcoming year.

When measuring optimism, the scores are pretty low for 2023. Although the percentages were different around the world, the average was lower than we expected. For instance, Brazil is full of hope and optimism for 2023, with 85% of the population feeling more optimistic than 82% from the previous year. As for other places like Japan, there is little hope. Only 36% of the Japanese population has hope for 2023. The figure was 18% higher last year.

The UK had an even debatable result 87% of the population believes the year 2022 to be bad for them. An even greater population believes that the coming year will be worse economically with high inflation. It was noted that the people think that prices will be much higher than what the people there actually earn.

When talking about the economy and bad things, people in the US believe the year 2023 to be the worst year they’ll witness. While people are skeptical about the economy, stating that inflation will hit the ceilings, 2/3rd of them also believe that unemployment will be a major issue in the coming year as well.

Furthermore, people in the US, Turkey, and Indonesia believe that 2023 is going to be a year full of natural disasters. More than half of the population of all of these countries claims that the year will bring about a natural disaster at least once.

2023 is also going to be a year full of extreme climates as reported by 52% of the US population. They believe that the year will bring about the hottest climate. This can be considered a logical claim since 2022 was a pretty rough year climate-wise. This is seeing how the country experienced some of the hottest days, bringing about numerous droughts.

Although people are not that hopeful about 2023, two-thirds of the US population does believe that the year 2023 is going to be brighter than the last. However, globally, the ratio of optimism remains low.

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