Snapchat team seems to be testing Story Boost Feature for Snapchat+ users

Everybody loves to picture their moments and share them with the world through popular social media platforms, Snapchat which is one of the popular social media platforms with over 363 million active users has recently released its exclusive subscription which is known as Snapchat+.

To facilitate Snapchat+ users, the team tends to be working on a new feature called Story Boost.

This specific feature would be giving Snapchat+ users an advantage over non-exclusive subscribers by boosting their social media engagement in terms of views. Moreover, the users utilizing this feature would remain anonymous, in other words, it’s impossible to tell if any specific account is using the story boosting feature.

Let’s talk a bit about how this feature tends to bring more value to Snapchat+ users. Your story would be given priority among non-exclusive subscribers and would be more visible to random people to increase your social engagement.

It’s interesting to see how Snapchat is putting its remarkable efforts to bring more content to Snapchat+ and attract people to consume exclusive content.

Right now, this feature is under testing and could take more time to finally arrive on the application, thus we should lower our expectations as a Snapchat team has announced that they are constantly working on this new feature and in these initial stages they were seen refusing to share any news related to the new feature.

Turns out, the audience will have to wait a while to finally test and enjoy this new feature as it looks kind of too far from being implemented any time soon.

But it would be really interesting to see what type of efforts the Snapchat team will do to attract its users to buy a premium subscription.

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