Snapchat Rolls Out Exciting Voice-Powered AR Experience With New Balance

Leading digital platform Snapchat is making head waves in the world of AR technology with its latest offering.

The company has launched a new AR-based experience that’s voice-powered. And hence, we can soon see that turning into a great ad push for the festive season.

This project will entail VoiceML which is another term reserved for audio prompts that discovers different products. As can be seen through such an endeavor, the feature is a collaboration with New Balance Lens.

Therefore, Snapchat users may now be able to promptly answer a long list of questions on the app that uses their own voice. You can think of it as a substitute for typing and that would assist them in discovering some of the greatest product matches for a particular purpose.

The company released a statement on the matter where they mentioned how Snapchatters could answer questions about a particular person that they happen to be shopping for. With the help of VoiceML, all users of this app would now have the chance to utilize their own voices and answers for a match to attain the ultimate gift idea. This may be for themselves, a colleague, a friend, or any loved one too. After the questions are rightly answered, the user can unveil product recommendations with the help of the best unboxing experience.

Some experts are looking at this as another angle to the entire AR experience. And that is what provides some of the most immersive and engaging experiences for a natural connection when compared to just typing.

While some might feel this shift is not too massive, considering the number of people who love to type, we do see where the app is going with this. There are some great considerations for how such decisions could invite people toward a more enhanced AR experience. And in addition to that, it builds further engagement for the entire process too.

As is, the world of AR is really turning into the most valuable complement for online shopping and it assists consumers in making faster and some of the most beneficial decisions too. Who knows, you can now avail the best offerings from the world of AR, thanks to great engagement and promotions.

As anyone can probably imagine, creating AR isn’t very simple. But it’s not as complex as one would imagine. And thanks to Snap, we’re going to be seeing it offering some AR courses that are free of cost, alongside some great innovative tools too.

We feel this might be something that’s actually worth taking a look at and investing your time in while exploring various options.

Snapchat says that this new and exciting Balance Lens endeavor may soon go live only in the US for both iOS and Android devices. The expected date for the launch would be the end of this month. To gain access, you can simply log into the Lens Carousel on the application.

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