The Longer And Wordier Reviews Stay At The Top of Google Results For A Long Time

Joy Hawkins and his team is back again with another study about reviews on Google. According to the study, it was concluded that longer reviews stay at the top of Google results for longer times. The study was done in Google's local ranking and it was proved that if the reviews are longer and wordier, there is a high chance that they will appear at the top of Google listings. These reviews are also more likely to stay for a long time in the top results.

Joy Hawkins said that brands should tell their customers to write reviews of a hundred or more words. If the Google algorithm works this way and makes the lengthy review stay at the top for quite some time, people should write 100+ word reviews. This way if the reviews are positive, they will stay at the top of Google listings, and brands and companies will get more exposure. Even though people do not like lengthy reviews, if they see that a positive review is written about something in so many words, they will want to view the website immediately.

A detailed review of 400 and more words will stay for about a year or more on Google results. However, it was also seen that the detailed and lengthy reviews were usually one-star or negative reviews. In those reviews, customers have told everything wrong. Out of the many Google reviews, 244 of them which were ranked at the top were one-star reviews. 16 of them were three stars and 67 of those reviews were four stars. The number of positive and five-star reviews on Google listings was just 74.

So if you want your website to rank on top Google results, nicely ask your customers to leave a long review. This way it will appear at the top results.

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