Quora launches its own AI Chatbot Platform called Poe

In this fast-moving world, AI has become an integral part of most of our lives these days. For the people who don’t think so, you use AI more than you think. AI is used in many things. A more common example would be the assistants in our phones be it Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other virtual assistant. In addition to this AI, Chatbots are also becoming a new trend and that is for once helpful.

These Chatbots allow you to speak to them through text and can be programmed to answer any type of questions directed at them. They are commonly found on websites and are put there with some frequently asked questions to assist the potential consumer with any query they might have.

Quora recently expressed some curiosity in text-generating AI systems and as a result, earlier this week launched a feature called Poe. Poe is a tool that allows users to ask questions and get on-the-spot answers alongside having proper conversations with, you guessed it, AI Chatbots.

Poe is quite an unusual name but it is the abbreviation for “Platform for Open-Exploration”. The platform is currently an invite-only and is available for iOS only at the moment. According to a spokesperson from Quora who spoke to TechCrunch using text messages, the platform is specifically made to be a space where people can simply relate with multiple AI Chatbots.

They also added that the past 12 years of building and managing Quora have made them well-versed in serving people who are looking to further their understanding and building the interests of consumers that they believe that they have enough experience that can be put into this new realm where people are interacting with large language models.
Poe, however, it may seem is not an attempt to build a new Chatbot like ChatGPT from scratch. Doing this might have landed Quora in some very hot water as the people on their website that give answers would not have liked it at all if the Chatbot was trained based on their answers and might have seen it as stealing. Poe just gives its users access to different Chatbots all in one app. However, if the users wish to they can use the Chatbots in their original form or on their original website rather than using the app.

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