Instagram Unveils Its Top Trending Hashtags For The Year 2022

2022 is about to come to an end and Instagram is making sure its users are well aware of the hashtags that made it big this year.

From the world of anime to air fryers too, the list is diverse, to say the least. And many found the grand unveil to be awfully interesting. There were some celebs that made the list as well and that just goes to show their popularity on the app.

So if you are just as curious as us to know what made the list, take a look below!

For starters, #taylorswift really had people in love as they adored sharing posts using her name in the hashtag. Be it her music or a concert event or perhaps some merchandise- this celeb was present in posts galore.

Notable events like the war against Ukraine by Russia was definitely on people’s mind and many called for justice by tagging posts using the hashtag, #standwithukraine.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar really attracted many. While some watched from home, others saw the event live and hence couldn’t help but add posts with the hashtag #fifaworldcup.

Common pastimes of people were also a part of the list like #airfrying, #NFT, #strangerthings, and #bookstagram. It made us aware of what activities took people’s time in 2022.

Other than that, a few other interesting hashtags were trending including the likes of #mahsaamini, #spyxfamily, and #jameswebbspacetelescope.

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