Pinterest Publishes Its Annual Predictions Overview That Highlights The Growing Trends For 2023

The year is just days away from ending and we just witnessed Pinterest mark the occasion ahead of time by publishing its annual Pinterest Predicts report.

The feature is designed to look at the latest happenings and trending fads that are forecasted to make it big in the next year.

It’s all based on the likes of user behavior such as which Pins were saved the most and which boards were popular, not to mention the news related to a user’s search activity.

Pinterest mentioned how it places such reports on a high pedestal to showcase what would happen next before it actually occurs. And over the years, such prediction reports have done a great job of making some wonderful forecasts.

This is why we’ve seen it functioning over the years with up to 80% accuracy, all linked to users’ engagement volume. But what exactly are the leading trends for next year?

Pinterest was seen making the predictions and dividing them into a range of various categories that included the likes of Fashion, Celebrations, Home, and well-being.

As far as fashion is concerned, Pinterest mentioned how airy styles including the likes of ruffles and tulle would be super popular and trending, especially among those users of the Gen Z and Millenial category. It’s like body-baring silhouettes are now trending, similar to something that would be a blend between David Bowie meets Madonna from the 80s era.

Other than that, we should be seeing the Romcom Core theme arise with a bang such as the likes of Slip Dresses and Cargo Pants on the fashion forefront, not to mention Tube Tops too.

In the world of home decor, Pinterest’s report has stated how Hipstoric would be an element worth focusing on in terms of aesthetics. It also feels that weirdcore is another feature that would be trending, in case you happen to be interested in that category.

As far as celebrations are concerned, the platform forecasts more and more people would be putting their animals in the spotlight and throwing events for their sake including pool parties. It’s like the rise of the fur baby trend.

In terms of well-being, we could well be seeing more users search for Primal Movement. Parents would be keen on their post-partum period, which is now being dubbed as the period of the Fourth Trimester.

You can always feel free to check out more on this by logging into the app’s homepage. Similarly, you can filter out lists by naming a range of brand values that enable firms to focus better on the likes of different movements seen around every trend.

How often do such predictions ring true for users, well, we’d love to hear your say on that? But statistics from the past have proven them to be true in terms of accuracy and rising interest. There are some bigger trends than these and such shifts can really take on a new realm in the world of pin planning.

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