Now You Can Schedule Your Instagram Post Including Photos and Reels Right Within The App

As a content creator, you always have something to do. From thinking of new content for your Instagram Reel to interacting with your followers, time passes quickly and you always worry about posting your stuff on Instagram at the right time. Now it seems that as an Instagram content creator, you will be able to easily manage to post the content on Instagram. Instagram has announced its Schedule Post feature which will let users schedule their posts up to 75 days in advance.

This will be done through the Instagram app which will not only help the users to manage their time and posts but will also help businesses grow on Instagram in a new way. Instagram says that scheduling will also help the influencers and social media sensations in the engagements on their posts because they can let their followers know about an upcoming reel or photo a few days before posting.

If you want to schedule your posts on Instagram, the steps are simple. First of all, open the Creator tab on Instagram. Select a photo or reel you want to schedule. Make sure that you do not post it accidentally. After you have selected a post, go to the advanced settings. There, you will find a “Schedule” option. Click on it and select a date and time you want the photo or reel to be posted within 75 days. After selecting a time, tap was done and come back to the share sheet.

Now click on "Schedule" once again to schedule the post or reel. One thing worth mentioning here is that you cannot tag people or sponsors on a scheduled post. You can add the tags after the content is posted by clicking on the edit button. In addition to this, you won’t be able to cross-post on Facebook from a scheduled Instagram post too.

Once you are done scheduling a post, it will appear on your profile. You can see them by clicking on the hamburger icon on your profile and going to Scheduled Posts. If you want to edit or reschedule a scheduled post, tap the Scheduled Posts button.

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