Google Has Introduced A New Feature That Will Show Filtered Topics Which Will Make It Easy For You To Search About Something

Google has announced that it is working to make Google searches refined and to the point for users. When a user is searching for something, they will get related topics to expand their search. Right now, Google still has some filters for search results but they are not as filtered as they will be in the new update. Previously, when a user searched for something, he would get videos, images and news as a result. But now users will get more options to filter the results. With this new update, the users will get a scrollable list of topics related to their search. By using these topics, users will be able to get more relevant results.

For instance, if you are searching for dinner ideas, you will get a scrollable list of more filtered topics like “Easy”, “High Protein”, “For Two”, etc. By clicking on one or more topics, you will get a more refined result which will make your searching easier. Google says that these topics will help in giving the users a bigger ground to search for a query. You can add more than one topic on your search and can also remove it by clicking on the already added topic. Google hasn’t told the exact release date of this update, but it will be available in English in the US for Android, iOS and Web in a few days.

In its blog post, Google said that whenever a user searches about something on Google, the system automatically brings in the results after analyzing the previous searches of the user and the content most people search for. Topics and filters are presented to the users on the basis of what is the most relevant and preferred with their queries. If you still cannot see a filter which seems relevant to you, click on all filters at the end of the row and you will get a complete list of them.

The news about this feature came right after Google introduced the Continuous Scrolling feature on Web which enables the users to scroll continuously through Google results without having to change pages to find a relevant result. This feature has been available on mobile for quite some time and now it is available on Web too.

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