Instagram Is Working On BeReal Inspired Options While Rolling Out New ‘Not Interested’ Feature

There is a question that was rightly put out by tech experts recently. And that had to do with the ever-so-trending BeReal app.

Many wondered if this feature of posting images at a particular time in the day would soon fade away or if it was really here to stay?

Remember, we come across viral shifts on a daily basis, and most end up going away. As far as BeReal is concerned, it did win the award for the application of the year on both social media platforms and online stores of Google and Apple.

People really did enjoy that trend that avoided the need for perfectly sculpted posts with a lifetime of airbrushing and more. BeReal really lets that aspect go and it does so magically and with its own creative flair.

But is that it? Does BeReal stop there or can we see something else soon worth exploring? The answer lies in the Instagram application. It’s definitely going that extra mile to explore the endeavor further by working on an array of similar features.

We already know about the Candid offering and now, the app is working on something more along those elements.

For starters, the platform happens to be working on the likes of Roll Call which allows for group chats to enable participants to include images of videos linked to themselves within five minutes.

Reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared images to showcase how the BeReal-inspired Instagram offering works on group chats. In the same way, he focused on another interesting feature called Glimpse Stories. And it happens to be working in a similar manner as it uses both front and back cameras to provide more insights to users on what’s going on, at any time of the day.

Both features require the users’ participation, similar to how BeReal functions. And remember, all content submitted is only put on display to those individuals that provide contributions to this offering. But the real question here lies if such offerings may actually end up being a major trend on the platform if such offerings are released to audiences.

Obviously, we will never know the right answer to that, but one thing is for sure. BeReal has witnessed great surges in popularity and many are calling it a complementary offering that would go wonderfully well with different apps.

Some critics feel it’s a fad that might get boring with time and that’s where the challenge lies. People want more real features on Instagram that lead the way to honest and genuine chats on the app.

Such huge platforms are really working to make things more unique and add a new sense of entertainment and value that’s similar to TikTok. It paves the way for engagement and for a period of distraction that veers users far away from the classic era of social connections.

Meanwhile, Instagram has rolled out another new interesting feature for users on its Interactions Page. This offering, as spotted by Hammod Oh, is called ‘Not Interested’ and it works in a manner that is self-explanatory,.

It was shown by avid social media expert Matt Navarra who took to his account on the Twitter app to inform users about the feature.

Now, users will get a chance to see all of those posts that they felt they were not interested in.

Many times, you probably clicked on the option while scrolling because a certain theme failed to excite you or perhaps you just couldn’t be bothered. But now, it’s all going to be in one place for your reference on the app.

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