Many Twitter Users, Including Journalists, Feel Stuck on Twitter Despite Elon's New and Problematic Policies

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, that place has become a forever warzone. With new policies implemented every other day, it feels like Twitter isn't the best place for many people now. Elon has openly shared his thoughts towards mainstream media and how much disliking he has towards them. Elon has said that he wants to take away the verified ticks of many well-known journalists and major media accounts like The New York Times and CNN while many of the suspended accounts are getting back on the app. These accounts are back to spending false news and hate speech on Twitter.

Due to all of this, many well-known journalists are concerned about their future on the app while some of them are also shifting platforms and going to Mastodon and Post. Since Twitter came into being, Journalists have been a force on it. Journalists are the ones who spread reliable news on the app which ignites discussions from other people on the app. This news ranges from politics to sports and entertainment to current affairs. The relationship between journalists is the one that tells a new user how consistent and reliable an app is.

Now that Elon is transparent about his view about journalists, why are journalists still on the app? A reporter, Jacob Silverman who has written for news outlets like the New Republic and Washington Post says that he feels like he is stuck. The reporter says that much of the crypto stuff happens on Twitter and you can also get news about it easily on it. So that's how many people find him for the job. He says that many other reporters like him feel the same. Moreover, he said that his relationship with the app seems self-indulgent and torturous. But he says that there is no way out of Twitter for him now.

Silverman said that Twitter is and will be a platform where powerful people can address the general public easily and vice versa. It seems like Musk is addicted to Twitter just like anyone else. Some journalists haven't quit Twitter but they have started writing less on Twitter and more on other apps. Taylor Lorenz says that as a journalist she shifted to other apps like Instagram and TikTok because people are interested in these apps now. She also says that Twitter is more exposed to harassment than any other app. She has 300,000 followers on Twitter but she experienced many hateful comments and even stalkers on the platform.

Musk has also fired several employees so there is no way Taylor Lorenz can talk to someone so they can work on preventing harassment on Twitter. No one wants to work under Elon Musk. Some people are not even leaving Twitter officially. Many news reporters and journalists have started posting and engaging less on the app. It is like a silent announcement that they are done with Twitter.

Many users were anticipating the end of Twitter because there was not much force to handle the functions. But it didn't happen so users didn't leave. Twitter has many influential politicians, journalists, and celebrities on the app but as days are passing, Twitter is becoming more buggy. The alternatives are not equal to Twitter and have many gaps in their technicalities. Now, there are only two ways to use Twitter. Use it as it is or leave the app as soon as you can. But users are hesitant to leave it because it is the fastest source to get information and news from relevant sources. Now Twitter is becoming less welcoming for new as well as old users because of Elon Musk.

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