Video Is One Of The Key Factors In Determining The Decisions Of Users

As the title suggests, video emerges as the main catalyst for the action taken by consumers, confirmed by a report from Meta.

Meta platforms incorporated the insights of about 1,000 users and published a report in collaboration with Publicis Data Intelligence which reveals that video, social commerce, and recommendations are the most dominating elements when it comes to influencing consumer behavior.

According to Meta, there is a slight difference between the position of video and TV, the video contains the largest percentage of interaction among all the content categories. Even if television is regarded to be the most impactful video point of interaction, Facebook seemed to be the most effective video platform because of its faster digitalization and rising mobile video usage. Whilst TV continues to serve as the most effective advertising medium in several regions nowadays, video continues to be the main factor of involvement and connection.

Meta highlights that television highly influences people but digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram charge 2X higher than marketers. In simple words, I believe that digital platforms are highly effective for marketers to invest in rather than television. Furthermore, online video ads are more relative to the audience.

In this digitalized world, it is believed that we need a highly engaging video clip to inspire someone about something. A few years ago, Television was the trend for advertising products but nowadays many people do not use television on a daily basis. It is just because of mobile phones. For example, if a family has four members so there are four cell phones in this home for everyone whether it is the father or toddler.

Moreover, everyone has their own choices to see whenever and whatever they want on smartphones. Similarly, in this situation, if a person sees an ad for their favorite thing on social media which is recommended by his or her favorite blogger or creator, so he or she will definitely be attracted to buy because now he is motivated and emotionally attached to it.

The report's second most significant component is social commerce, which allows advertisers to accelerate low-funnel goals by using online markets. There are several reasons why advertisers should pay attention to boost the performance of their business; first, social media have many platforms through which customers get attracted to purchases by other people. Secondly, online purchases are common nowadays which provide a frictionless shopping experience.

You can buy your favorite item with one click just by sitting on your comfortable couch. Last but not the reason is that people are bound to be dependent on e-commerce services that offer an opportunity for marketers to explore the commerce space.

Lastly, Meta emphasizes recommendations as a crucial driven source for influencing customer buying intentions, with online influencers increasingly involved. According to Nielsen, 74% of customers’ purchase choices are influenced by word-of-mouth, and about 92% of them say they trust suggestions from their friend circles, family, and acquaintances more than advertisements.

Additionally, almost every individual follows their favorite content creator on social media platforms. To reach out to these people, many marketers approach the content creator and pay a handsome amount to showcase their products which brings traffic to the marketers.

These above-mentioned factors seem to likely help marketers increase their marketing efforts in moving ahead.

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