Meta is adding new security features to Whatsapp for logging in from a new device

With new updates being released frequently for Whatsapp beta, we can see an influx of security features being released by the developers. In the latest update, the beta testers can log in to Whatsapp with another device, but the catch is that you’ll need to enter a six-digit security code to access your account.

From the patch notes of the latest Android update, WBI highlighted that you’ll be receiving two-factor authentication for logging into Whatsapp from another device. So when you try to log into Whatsapp from another mobile phone, you’ll first receive a six-digit code on your original phone to confirm if it’s you who is changing mobile phones.

So how does this work? Well, when you log into Whatsapp from another mobile phone, the app asks you if you want to receive a code through your previous mobile phone. When you’ve received this code, you’ll have to enter it into your new mobile phone to access your contacts and messages. It’s important to note that you’ll have to enable the option of receiving the code on your original mobile phone or not so you can also disable this feature if it’s not automatically on.

It’s also worth mentioning that this feature is only out for the beta testers and a minority of them. But we can expect Whatsapp to release this feature very soon as it’s a very useful update that will add to the security of your Whatsapp account. This ensures the safety of your message history, media, and contact info of people associated with your Whatsapp.

It looks like we can expect the six-digit security addition to come out in a couple of weeks but as of now, the feature is only available to users who’ve downloaded the beta version from Google Play Store.

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