Meta Develops New Open-Source Tool For Moderating Abusive Content Online

Facebook’s parent firm has recently rolled out a new tool for content moderation.

Meta claims the new open-source offering can fight against the likes of terrorist and extremist content. It’s been allotted the term HMA or Hasher-Matcher-Actioner.

The tool can highlight content that’s suspicious on the platform and that entails copies of pictures and videos that go against the company’s policies and were flagged as disturbing by other users on its apps. After that, the tool would be able to act against these types of materials in a collective manner.

HMA has the capability of being adopted by different firms with ease that wishes to fight against inappropriate content online and put an end to its spread at the same time too. Meta says this is very handy for a number of different organizations that work on a smaller scale than the rest and do not possess the flexibility of huge reserves like the big shots in the industry.

Companies that really do desire to make use of such products can deeply benefit by running their content through such content moderation tools online via a database for hash-sharing. They can then follow it up with steps designed to assist themselves and put Meta in line with curbing the amount of hate and abuse seen through posts generated online.

The decision to have this tool up for grabs in the public eye came at a time when the company gears up to assume the leading position on the board for the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, which would occur in January of next year.

The group helps to bring various member firms together as one to better tackle issues linked to terrorist and extremist activities taking place online. And for those who may not be aware, Meta is the founding member of this platform.

The parent firm of Facebook says it has gone about spending a staggering $5 billion on the likes of safety and security in 2021. Moreover, it was seen dedicating an entire team comprising hundreds of individuals that worked round the clock alongside professionals hailing from law enforcement and industries related to national security. They would counteract such extremist activities. Therefore, Meta really does hope this new online tool would better strengthen its goals one step more.

Similarly, we’re seeing Meta take more steps toward combating the likes of data scraping.

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