Meta Bids Farewell To All The Resources Linked To Its ‘Creativity’ Division After Ten Years

Meta has gone about reabsorbing all the resources that are linked to its Creativity division.

The tech giant confirmed the news recently and claimed how it was a long time coming, after being in existence for the past ten years. Moreover, it was outlined to be home to some of the Facebook app’s trials related to the internet and telecoms.

From satellites, drones, apps, and more- a lot of controversies existed related to the offerings. They were disputed and exploded to a certain degree and you couldn’t help but wonder if they were in existence in the first place. Let’s not forget more classic means of infrastructure.

The news was first set out by Light Reading who mentioned that Meta’s connectivity and projects would end up getting divided among divisions like infrastructure and central products.

Now which resources end up staying and which end up going is still being discussed at this moment but one thing is for sure. The fact that its Connectivity division is getting reduced means other approaches to giving internet is definitely gone forever.

The start of this division is definitely being traced back to a happening that took place a decade ago when the company wished to subsidize internet links in so many developing nations and regions. This would provide apps and some bundled offerings free of any cost to various places that saw options like connectivity being expensive.

At that moment in time, there was plenty of controversy on the subject and people felt they needed to step in to solve the issues belonging to another tech firm in the US. Facebook was at that time becoming a leader in terms of market share in the tech world.

Then in 2015, we saw the firm set out plans for a new and unexpected drone called Aquila that worked at high altitudes. It would utilize the likes of lasers to connect with users down below. But despite having an ambitious start, it was soon grounded in 2018.

Just like that, so many other projects did come into existence. We saw another attempt to create an earth orbit satellite system. This was set for a rollout in 2016 but again, didn’t work out. Next up came another satellite system called PointView Tech which despite filing documents for use just couldn’t make it in in the end.

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